Hi there! 

My name’s Paula Burgess and I’m from Beyond the Maze. 

We are a Virtual Assistant business based in Australia with both offshore and onshore teams. 

Today our topic is about sourcing speaking opportunities.  Whether you’re a speaker or just somebody who wants to get their business out there by getting more speaking opportunities, the question is, where do you find these speaking opportunities and how do you have the time to find these speaking opportunities? 

Well, this is something that a VA can absolutely do for you. 

Aside from the regular getting out there and networking and meeting people, really building your relationships with people, so they are thinking about you when they when they are thinking of a certain topic. 

For example, you might be involved in like a local Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber might be running some workshops, let’s say around social media, and that’s what you do. 

The Chamber will then be thinking about who they could ask.  If you’re constantly turning up to those meetings and you are front of mind for people, they’re likely to come and ask you to possibly hold a workshop for them that might be a paid service, for example. 

It definitely helps to get yourself out there to be learning about building those relationships and getting the connections out there. 

Another way of doing it is using a VA for this.  For example, one of our clients has a speaker’s bureau, and he actually uses us to find certain types of businesses and associations that his speakers can actually speak for. It’s a matter of us going through and getting the details of what you’re looking for in an association or a particular company you might want to speak for or a type of company in whatever industry. 

You might be wanting us to look at certain associations within a certain industry that might hold conferences and are looking for speakers. And on that conference topic, we can actually also be searching for the different conferences that are coming up and how you actually apply to be a speaker. 

As a result, we’re already doing this for a few clients, or you might find other VAs are doing this for a few clients.  They might already have a head start on you anyway and already have a list of these people for other speakers or a list of these industries that might be suitable for other speakers as well. 

This can take a lot of time. 

So if you’re going through all these different associations, or you might want to be speaking for schools or universities or different places like that, then actually going through and manually compiling those lists together and then finding out who you need to talk to in those associations or what conferences they might hold to see what’s suitable for you.  You are then clicking on the link to see what sort of information they’re going to need when you actually do apply to be a speaker or if you send them information to express an interest in the conference. 

If you’re doing that sort of thing as well, it can take an enormous amount of time out of your day to be finding these resources, and this is definitely something a Virtual Assistant can do for you. 

Here at Beyond the Maze we obviously are, and our offshore team is quite an affordable way for you to do this   All we have to do is get together and sort out some parameters of the businesses that you’re looking for, the associations that you’re looking for, conferences that you’re looking for and topics that you wish to speak on. 

Then it’s a matter of us doing the work 

We can get out to the local chambers. 

We can send emails out to the businesses. 

We can send emails out to various associations and just start compiling this database of people and the processes for how to apply for those certain events. 

Then, even though you may have missed a conference and you might be doing it now and the conferences were a month ago, we can still reach out and find out how you go about applying for next year’s conference or the year after the conference, depending on how often they do it. 

We’re thinking about those sorts of things as well. 

This is absolutely something that a Virtual Assistant can help you with. 

How does that sound?  It sounds pretty good, right? 

Just to think that we can spend that time and give you a database of some great places that you can speak and get your business out there and get you out there as a speaker too. 

If you’d like help with this or you want to explore a few other virtual assistant tasks and how we can help you and get your business moving forward, then book your obligation-free call here: https://beyondthemaze.com.au/contact/book-a-free-consultation/.  We can help you out to grow your business further. 

Bye for now. 

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Paula Burgess - Keynote Speaker QLD Australia


Paula Burgess is the founder and director of Beyond the Maze, a virtual assistant, coach, author, keynote speaker, mum of a special needs child and a Brisbane based girl who loves fast cars!

She also provides courses and membership to support other business owners working around children with special needs.