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Hi there. 

My name is Paula Burgess, and I am the founder of Beyond the Maze. 

We are a virtual assistant and online business management service based in the north of Brisbane. 

You’ve probably landed on this page on my website because you have an allied health or medical business. 

Welcome to be Beyond the Maze, to find out about how we can assist you with your business and help you move your business further or just free up your time. 

What is a virtual assistant? 

Think of a virtual assistant as somebody who offers business to business services, and they may specialise in certain administration services. 

So, things like, you know, general office, admin, marketing, website design, graphic design, bookkeeping, any of those kind of things in that administration space could be classed as a virtual assistant. 

A virtual assistant is more sort of an industry rather than a person, even though some of us call ourselves virtual assistants. 

But what can we do in the Allied Health space? 

We’ve been in this space for quite some time now, the business itself has been running for over 10 years at this point. 

And with the Allied Health Space. 

We’ve probably been in this space for about eight of those years at least. 

And I’ve got a very strong neurodivergent background as well where we specialise in working with people,like ADHD or ASD or, anything in that neurodiverse space and we understand it, our team are trained on it. 

It’s come from a background of my family, a number of people in my family, especially my son who has ADHD himself and I’ve gone and done a lot of study around ADHD. 

So, we’re, we get a lot of our referrals based on that because if your clients may be neurodivergent themselves or even you, we understand and we can work with your strengths and how you run your, your practice. 

But what do we do? 

We can do things like diary management invoicing. Medicare claims, referral, follow ups NDIS claims, making sure all your paperwork is ready and compliant 

We can set up projects for you. 

So, when I say projects, we can set up your systems for you, we can set up your business systems and if you’re new to business, even just setting up your programs, so we’re, we’re versed in things like Halaxy, Cliniko, CorePlus, ServiceM8, Nookal etc.  

The list just goes on and on and on and we can set those up for you. 

What we find is people are starting their journey on business, but their strengths are not really admin. 

Their strengths are looking after people and speaking with people and admin is probably where some businesses may fall down a little bit or they just don’t want to do it, which is fair enough. 

We love admin. 

So give it to us and we can help you set all that up from the get go. 

Setting up your templates, your client intake forms, invoice templates connecting them with, other programs such as Xero etc. 

We can help you with all your back-office admin. 

Think about somebody who might be an administration assistant or your receptionist or things like that, we can come in and do that for you. We’re just not in your office, we’re virtual. 

If you’re a little interested in this and you just want to find out a little bit more, then click on our link below or the contact us form, make an appointment with us, have a chat with us. 

There’s no obligation to start. 

You can just do a bit of research and due diligence and see if we’re the right fit for you or see if it’s time to get at a virtual system or even an online business manager. 

If you’re curious about an online business manager pop over to that page and it’ll tell you what that is and, and we can go from there so book in the link below and we’ll have a chat about how a virtual assistant or OBM can help you with your business. 

Bye for now. 


Specialist admin services & practice manager services for the allied health industry

If you’ve reached the point in your business where you no longer want to do it alone (and you want to sleep at night), congratulations! You’ve done the hard yards and it’s paying off.

Many allied health professionals are unsure of how or where to ask for help though. If you’re running solo businesses, often from home or a rented room in a clinic, it’s hard to know how admin help can fit in to this style.

And that’s where virtual assistants and virtual practice managers are your answer!

Imagine being able to pay 100% attention to patient care without having to worry about:

  • Processing invoices
  • Lodging medical claims
  • Rescheduling appointments
  • Managing NDIS referrals
  • Responding to doctor referrals and so on.

Working with a virtual team means you can get all the help you need, without paying for a full-time employee who may only answer a few calls per day, lodge a couple of claims or type a couple of letters.

Are you ready for a Practice Manager? 

Did you know that you are do this virtually as well?  

With our Virtual Practice Manager service, you can have a right hand person in your office to help you run your practice.  

Use both our VAs and OBMs and get yourself a great administration team to help grow your practice.   A Virtual Practice Manager can help you with the following things: 

  • Team Management
  • Recruitment
  • Working with you to set and achieve your goals
  • Someone who can work with you to ensure you stay compliant
  • Someone who can work with you to set budgets and grow your business
  • Event management if you are running events
  • Social media management
  • Project management
  • General day to day running of your business and office.  

Want to discuss more?   Book in for a call and see how a virtual practice manager can assist.  

Here’s a sample
of what we can do


  • Calendar management to make sure you have enough time to meet patients, travel where needed, meet your life requirements, etc.
  • Typing of correspondence (emails, referrals, follow-ups, etc.)
  • Invoicing and reconciliations (following up late payments)
  • Online portal submitting
  • Medicare, WorkCover, NDIS claims, etc.
  • Stock management
  • Virtual Practice Management
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What our clients
are saying about us

Sean Garvan - Garvan Financial Planning (Cairns)

Paula and her Team are one of my most valued resources. I run a 100% outsourced business in that I do not employ any direct staff, and Paula’s specific financial planning client services experience combined with clear and simple pricing for her services, means that I can support and service a significantly larger client base than if I was handling all of the client services work myself. I am also able to only pay for the time spent when tasks are actually being worked on/completed, as opposed to having a full-time salaried staff member sitting idle and costing me money. The engagement is clear and transparent with excellent time tracking and reporting, and the ability to ‘prepay’ for blocks of hours is helpful for managing cash flow. I highly recommend Paula’s team to any business that would prefer not to have the hassle of a full-time office staff member, and have a simple and professional engagement that delivers great efficiency and results.

Rhian - Healthy Mummy

I wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your hard work over the years.  You have been a really important part of the growth of The Healthy Mummy and have worked tirelessly to ensure customers have been looked after every step of the way.  Your help with the set up of our system and developing our customer service processes have been critical to the evolvement of our customer service. Thank you so much for all of your help and for supporting us throughout.  Your loyalty and commitment has been invaluable. 

Beth Oxley - Marketing Manager, Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten

We recently invited Paula Burgess as a guest speaker at a parenting workshop held at Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten. I believe a successful parenting workshop is measured by attendees walking away having learnt what they expected to and with strategies they can implement to make their families lives happier. I must say that Paula certainly delivered on these expectations and more. Paula is a knowledgeable, personable and a confident presenter and coach. We look forward to working with Paula again, both for parent and educator training and support. Thank you Paula!


I really appreciate your work. Thank you for your professionalism and friendly support.

Dr Jessica Cooke – Mindwell Psychology

Need some back up for your allied health business?

If you’re over trying to do it all alone, contact our specialist team of allied health virtual assistants and receptionists today and let’s see how we can help you.