What some of our  ‘a-mazing’ clients say about us

Sean Garvan - Garvan Financial Planning (Cairns)

Paula and her Team are one of my most valued resources. I run a 100% outsourced business in that I do not employ any direct staff, and Paula’s specific financial planning client services experience combined with clear and simple pricing for her services, means that I can support and service a significantly larger client base than if I was handling all of the client services work myself. I am also able to only pay for the time spent when tasks are actually being worked on/completed, as opposed to having a full-time salaried staff member sitting idle and costing me money. The engagement is clear and transparent with excellent time tracking and reporting, and the ability to ‘prepay’ for blocks of hours is helpful for managing cash flow. I highly recommend Paula’s team to any business that would prefer not to have the hassle of a full-time office staff member, and have a simple and professional engagement that delivers great efficiency and results.

Rhian - Healthy Mummy

I wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your hard work over the years.  You have been a really important part of the growth of The Healthy Mummy and have worked tirelessly to ensure customers have been looked after every step of the way.  Your help with the set up of our system and developing our customer service processes have been critical to the evolvement of our customer service. Thank you so much for all of your help and for supporting us throughout.  Your loyalty and commitment has been invaluable. 

Beth Oxley - Marketing Manager, Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten

We recently invited Paula Burgess as a guest speaker at a parenting workshop held at Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten. I believe a successful parenting workshop is measured by attendees walking away having learnt what they expected to and with strategies they can implement to make their families lives happier. I must say that Paula certainly delivered on these expectations and more. Paula is a knowledgeable, personable and a confident presenter and coach. We look forward to working with Paula again, both for parent and educator training and support. Thank you Paula!


I really appreciate your work. Thank you for your professionalism and friendly support.

Dr Jessica Cooke – Mindwell Psychology

Testimonial - Mummy & Co Physiotherapy

Beyond the Maze is always happy to help with any problems we encounter.

They are always professional in the handling of our clients. 

Testimonial - Psychfirst

I’ve been using Beyond the Maze for some time and I absolutely love it, I recomment it and wish I could have them here with me rather than having them virtually.

Shay has helped me so much probably more than she knows and I am very very appreciative of her support. It is so comforting to know I don’t have to manage everything and I can trust someone to do things my way, to my expectation and to a benefit to my business. There’s real comfort knowing I don’t have to second guess who is looking after my organisation and that has it’s weight in gold.

Testimonial - Erin Thurtell Aspire Physiotherapy

Beyond the Maze has been AMAZING!!! They really helped me out and made life easier while the practice was growing.

Testimonial - Janet Maxwell Psychology

Thank you so much for all your help and support. You have been absolutely amazing and I and all my clients have adored you. I am especially grateful for all your help over the past few months when I struggled with being exhausted and burnt out. I am sorry to say goodbye, and will be singing your praises. I was so impressed with and pleased with the service and never would have parted ways if I wasn’t winding down my private service.

Testimonial - Shauna Upson Copywriter

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects with Paula and Beyond The Maze recently. Paula has such attention to detail and never misses a trick! She is super focused on getting the ultimate outcomes for the client. Having her as a double-check for keeping my service delivery up-to-date with the clients we share has been immeasurable. 

Her vibrant personality is lots of fun but very professional at the same time. She has a very analytical mind and can add steps to processes that you’ve never even considered – no stone is left unturned. The skills she possesses can help any business within any industry. 

If you’re looking to streamline your processes and get your business in order and moving forward, don’t hesitate to reach out to Paula and her team.

Testimonial - Collaboration House

We really couldn’t do what we do without the team at Beyond the Maze to support us. 

Testimonial - Dr. Melanie Brookes

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Charlotte from Beyond the Maze, she has been very responsive, helpful and professional at all times, and my clients have also found her great to communicate with. All in all, my experience with Beyond the Maze has been very positive and I am grateful for all the hard work put in by everyone. 

Testimonial - Megan Ross

We started using Beyond the Maze after we were let down by our previous virtual assistant. We have found them to be reliable and enthusiastic in their work for us and have really helped drive a high numeber of 5* google reviews.

Testimonial - Deborah Fay CEO and Founder Disruptive Publishing

I have known Paula for several years now and I have worked with her in many different capacities, and I feel I know her better than most. 

Paula is a ‘Disruptive Author’ and has been published several times under my Disruptive Publishing banner. 

We have a podcast together called Business and Books where we discuss all things pertaining to our most favourite things – business and books. 

We are also in a Mastermind group together and I consider Paula to be a silent partner in my business as I run things by her constantly, and value her opinion more than she could know. 

We are also friends. 

Paula is very smart.  Not only does she have a degree, she has experience, which in business, is often hard won, and she is always working to increase her knowledge and improve her mindset. 

Paula is focused, has goals, and actively invests her intelligence, her skills and her energy into achieving those goals, not only to her benefit, but to the benefit of everyone around her.  She is always helping someone and makes time to support those people who seek her out, while being honest enough to give them real feedback so that they can get real results in their own businesses. 

If you are thinking about working with Paula, don’t waste another second thinking.  Do it.  You and your business will be better off for the experience. 


Deborah Fay 

CEO and Founder 

Disruptive Publishing 

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