Hi there. 

My name is Paula, and I am from Beyond the Maze. 

We are a virtual assistant business based in Brisbane, Australia, and we support those generally in the Allied Health and Financial Planning space, but we do have other clients in between. 

So today I’m here to talk to you about getting a VA in your business to help you do what you love. 

The reason why I’m bringing this topic up today is last week, I was actually at the track. 

And if you follow me on social media, you may know that I have a love of being on the racetrack, not the horse track, the race track with the cars. 

And I was going to actually do this video at the track. 

But the time in the day went so quickly that I barely even had a chance to have some lunch, let alone sit there and do a video. So, I didn’t quite make that, but what I wanted to talk to you about is what do you love doing? 

It doesn’t have to be in business, but what outside of business or even inside a business If you’re doing what you absolutely love. 

What do you love doing? 

And how many times a month or a week or however often whatever you like doing, do you actually do that? 

Now I know as a busy business owner that we don’t really get time to look after ourselves a lot, and that’s not necessarily about just like the self-care when you think about massage and all that sort of thing, I’m talking about just doing what you love, using your business as a tool to get you what you love. 

One thing my coach and I have been working on recently is really getting this business to the point where it’s a tool to do what we love and putting in place the support to get that there. 

Now, obviously, my love is being at the racetrack and just having a great time in my car. 

I always think, “How do I get the support to be able to do that more?” 

And the answer for you is possibly a virtual assistant. 

Are you doing smaller tasks in your business that it’s probably not worth your time to be doing that. 

So thinking about it this way, if you are charging out at 100 $200 an hour or something like that for what you are doing or what?  Or the main service you are providing, or the main product you are providing or whatever you’re doing in your business and you’re doing something like answering the phone or general admin that you can pay someone a lot lower than $100 an hour for then that is something that you should not be doing.  Using something that you love as a bit of a like a bait here to dangle, it really makes you think that I really want to do more of what I love. 

So what support do I need in place here?  Generally getting a VA to support you and not just general admin, I mean, a VA can be doing bookkeeping or more specialised things like graphic design or marketing or like digital marketing, all that sort of thing for you. 

So it’s not just limited to the general admin duties. 

It can be much, much more than that, and you could then get an OBM, which is an online business manager, and they can support you to help you grow your business and manage your team if you have other team members or even other VA’s. 

So imagine this….You’re let’s just say you are interested in the track, and you go away and you’re at the track and you’re there all day and you don’t have to look at an email. 

You don’t have to worry about what’s going to be in your inbox the next day. 

Or you don’t have to worry about what work is going to be there the next day that you haven’t prepared for.  A virtual assistant can do all of that for you, so you can just come back from that day out and you can basically just step back into the role because all the stuff has been done for you. Your business has been looked after for you. 

So how does that sound? 

I think that sounds pretty amazing, and I could honestly say it is pretty amazing. 

My team are a wonderful team, and they support me in this, and they know that when I do go to the track or when I do something that I love, then my business grows from that because I come back with all these different ideas and a fresh outlook on my business to be able to get me motivated to push it even further. 

If you’d like to have a chat with us about how to use a virtual assistant so you can get out there and do what you love doing, then please click on the link below book in a time with us. 

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Paula from Beyond the Maze. 

Bye for now! 

Paula Burgess - Keynote Speaker QLD Australia


Paula Burgess is the founder and director of Beyond the Maze, a virtual assistant, coach, author, keynote speaker, mum of a special needs child and a Brisbane based girl who loves fast cars!

She also provides courses and membership to support other business owners working around children with special needs.