Virtual Admin and Reception services for financial planners

Tackling your business admin, creating happy clients and keeping you compliant.

Financial Planner

Financial Planners

Specialist admin and reception services for financial planners

Running a soloist financial planning business is hard work. You’re not only looking after the financial needs of your clients, but you’re acting as receptionist, marketer, administration and coffee fetcher!

And it’s not like you can ignore financial paperwork. It needs to be completed correctly to achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

You also need to make sure you’re meeting all your compliance regulations to continue trading as a reputable business.

If you’ve reached the point of no longer being able to do it all alone, but you’re working from a home office (or shared space) and can’t afford an employee, having a virtual assistant on your team is what you need.


  • Not wasting any more time on office admin and booking in more clients instead
  • Not preparing plans by having your assistant type them up
  • Not worrying about your compliance regulations, knowing your assistant is keeping you up to date.

Our team of virtual assistants and receptionists are experts in the financial planning field, having previously worked with financial planners and knowing what it takes to run your business.

Here’s a sample of our specialist services for financial planners

  • Lodgement of applications and follow up to completion
  • Office organisation and office ‘babysitting’ while you’re on holidays or ill
  • Review implementation
  • SoA organisation for paraplanner
  • SoA proofreading
  • Social media management
  • Staff training and more …

What our clients have to say

Paula and her Team are one of my most valued resources. I run a 100% outsourced business in that I do not employ any direct staff, and Paula’s specific financial planning client services experience combined with clear and simple pricing for her services, means that I can support and service a significantly larger client base than if I was handling all of the client services work myself. I am also able to only pay for the time spent when tasks are actually being worked on/completed, as opposed to having a full-time salaried staff member sitting idle and costing me money. The engagement is clear and transparent with excellent time tracking and reporting, and the ability to ‘pre-pay’ for blocks of hours is helpful for managing cashflow. I highly recommend Paula’s team to any business that would prefer not to have the hassle of a full-time office staff member, and have a simple and professional engagement that delivers great efficiency and results.

Sean Garvan

Financial Adviser, Garvan Financial Planning (Cairns)

Grown to the point where you deserve admin help?

If you’re sick of trying to do it all yourself, and you’ve built a thriving business, then you deserve to outsource your business admin to our highly skilled team. Contact us today for your obligation-free consult