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So how do you become a virtual assistant (VA) in Australia?

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Hi, everyone. 

My name is Paula and I’m the owner and founder of Beyond the Maze. 

We are a virtual assistant business based here in Australia with also some offshore team members. 

So you’ve come to this page because you’re thinking about being a virtual assistant. 

Well, you’ve come to the right place after more than 10 years in the industry. 

I feel that I have gone through enough ups and downs in business to be able to guide you along the way on how to become a VA for yourself. 

I am passionate about helping people start their own business and if I can help you start your own virtual assistant business, then I am here to assist. 

So in our start up boot camp, we have a program that you is self-paced can run you through how to set up your own business from right at the very beginning as to why you’re doing your business, why you want to start a business and setting up your business name and what you need to do there and how to get your details and all that sorted out, ready to start to finding your first client and how to set up for your first client, what programs to use for your first client, what to charge? 

So your pricing, all that sort of thing, ready to go for your first contract, first client contracts, you know, giving access to contract templates, all that sort of thing, then how to market your business, how to get you out there, how to get your business out there. 

So you can find more clients and you can get your business moving forward. 

Then we talk about things like growing and scaling your business. 

Putting processes in place to grow and scale your business, what programs do you use within the business? 

Now, most of the programs I suggest are free to get you started. 

I want you to do this as, as low cost as possible, which is why the program itself is also quite low cost because I want you to be, you know, driven to, to, to start your own business and get out there. 

You also, we also give you a Facebook group where you can chat with other people going through the program as well. 

And I will jump in there from time to time as well and help you with any questions or anything that you’ve got about starting a virtual assistant business. 

So if it’s something that you’d like to do, and you’ve always thought about what a virtual assistant is and how you would get started then have a look at the course, have a look through it and see if it resonates with you. 

If it resonates with you sign up, I’d love to see you in there and I’d love to help you on your journey to starting a new business to create the lifestyle that you deserve. 

I am Paula and I’m from beyond the maze. 

Bye for now. 

How do you start a virtual assistant business?

When I started my virtual assistant business, I remember spending hours getting lost down rabbit holes of Internet searching.

There were so many people running virtual assistant businesses and more people offering ‘advice’. It was hard to know what I should listen to and what I should ignore.

Having a mentor around you as you’re growing your business (and even after you’re established), is one of the best things I did.


The VA Mentor will help you grow the business you want!   After having my business for the last 10 years I know how important it is to work with someone who understands the industry and has done it!


What does a VA do?

A VA is a virtual worker. You run a business remotely and offer a service to your clients. One of the biggest things to remember is that you’re not an employee and you no longer have a resume – you’re a business owner! You have a LinkedIn profile or a portfolio or a website you direct your clients too.

As a VA, you’re responsible for providing all of your office equipment and handle your leave, superannuation and tax payments. You will also only be paid for the time you work, or by set hours or packages you work out with your client.

The term VA can cover many different virtual contractors:

  • General admin support providers
  • Online business managers
  • Social media managers
  • Receptionists
  • Web designers
  • Brand and graphic designers
  • Copywriters
  • Event planners
  • Tender writers and many others.

Many VAs niche into service areas, or for a particular client type or industry. They find this helps zone their marketing and they’re able to book in more clients.

20 Ways to Use a VA



Want to grow your VA Business?

Are you not sure how to start or even know how to expand your business?   Check out our VA Mentor site and see how we can support you.