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5 Tips to Effectively Juggle Family and Business

Do you have a family and you are trying to run a business as well? Well, I know as much as you do about how hard that struggle can be sometimes. Some of us may have gone into business to allow flexibility around our family but then found that your business can be even...

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What is a VA and How it Works for me?

You might be surprised to know what there are many people who don’t know what a VA. I must admit though in recent years with more and more people working from home this is a little more widely known but there are still some that are not sure. Many people think a VA is...

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How Hiring a Support Team Can Grow Your Business

A common piece of advice from business coaches to those who want to grow their business is to hire team members who can do the support work. This allows you time to focus your efforts on money-making tasks. Think about it, are you earning more money answering phones...

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Do you know where your time is spent?  

Time. Everyone has the same amount of it, but some people seems to manage to get more from it than others. Have you ever timed how long it takes for you to do a task? Not just estimated, really timed it. You can do this by just using a timer on your phone or if you...

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Physiotherapists in Solo Business

Are you a physiotherapist who works on your own?   What happens when you are treating a client and the phone rings?    After speaking with many physiotherapists, this is probably one of the hardest things to juggle when you are on your own.   You want to provide your...

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Organizing Tasks

Do you have a way to manage your tasks? Having a business can bring with it so many things to do with very long to do lists that never seem to get shorter. It seems that as soon as you cross one task off the list another three jump back on the list. For years, I used...

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