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Beyond The Maze
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We understand that each ADHD journey is different! Whether you are going through life as an adult with ADHD or supporting a family member or child with ADHD it is diferent for everyone. That is why we have put together some amazing support programs to help you on your journey. Learn more about our support membership plans by clicking the button below.


Providing a safe supported environment............

We get it!


Beyond the Maze is a place that offers support to families living with diversity particularly ADHD. We understand the rewards (and challenges) of being different! We can really relate to the highs and lows of diversity while continually trying to fit the 'mould' of society and school!

About Us

Paula Burgess is the founder of Beyond the Maze and runs a successful coaching practice working with families living with diversity particularly ADHD.   After her son was diagnosed with ADHD a number of years ago she felt that nobody understood the struggles and judgments she was dealing with every day and after starting her own support group found many people to feel the same way.   Paula then sourced studies in ADHD and found an ADHD Coaching Course which led her on a completely different career path and now works with many different people living with ADHD and diversity.


To provide a supportive and understanding network for families living with diversity particularly ADHD


We empower our clients to believe in themselves by providing a dynamic relationship knowing that someone has their back. We will build schools for diverse children and give these amazing children a great start in life.  We provide a framework to support every entrepreneur living with ADHD to build a business that will make a difference in the world.


To provide a supportive and fun environment for the team and our clients.

Latest News

We understand the rewards and challenges of having a special needs child as well as having a life and/or running a business. We share plenty of tips and how to get through a difficult day in our blog.

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