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How to be More Efficient?

Hi there!   My name is Paula Burgess from Beyond the Maze, and today's episode is about how to be more efficient at work.  Some days we can plan to do all these things that are on our to do list, but things happen where they just go out of control, and they don't get...

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6 Questions to Ask a Potential VA

Hi there! My name is Paula Burgess from Beyond the Maze, and I have a Virtual Assistant Service based in Brisbane, Australia. Today, we're going to talk about the questions to ask a potential VA. Maybe you found your Virtual Assistant and you think they are great for...

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What is a VR and How does it Work?

Hi there! It's Paula from Beyond the Maze, and today's topic is about what is Virtual Reception and how does it work. As a Virtual Assistant business, we also provide Virtual Reception services. What is this? Obviously, Receptionists are answering the phone. If we...

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Working through Challenges

I'm Paula from Boss Lady Coaching. Today's topic we'll be talking about how to overcome challenges in your business. This morning I was doing one of the lessons in my own Level Up Boot Camp, and I came up to the point of how to overcome challenges in your business....

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4 Most Common Tasks for a VA (A Day in the Life of a VA)

Recently somebody asked me, “What's it like, in a day of the life of a VA?”, and I thought this would be a great topic, because some people just don't know what a VA actually does. Obviously, I can only speak from the experience that happens here in the office.   VAs...

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4 Ways a Business Coach can Help You with in Your Business

How can a Business Coach help your business? If you've never used a coach before, you might be saying, well, I don't really know how a coach can help my business? Why would I even need one? I can tell you for the last 10 years since I started my business, well, almost...

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20 Ways to Use a VA