Virtual reception services for SMEs, financial planners, coaches and allied health workers

Perfect for those who need time to work with the client and can’t answer their phones all day.

Reception services

Do you really need a receptionist to answer your calls?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where your phone is ringing off the hook and you’re trying to focus your attention on your client, then yes, you need a receptionist to answer your calls!

The phone can be very distracting. Not just to you but to your client. They are trying to speak with you, and they see your attention slightly alter. It’s not ideal.

And when you don’t answer the phone, you’re wondering if you’ve missed a potential client or an important call from an existing client.

Then you also have the fun game of phone tag when you’re trying to call clients back either at the end of the day, or in between seeing clients. But answering queries and booking in clients is all part and parcel of your business so it must be done.

When you outsource to a virtual reception service you’re making sure that:

  • You never miss an important call
  • Your clients feel valued by having their call answered
  • You’re booking in clients
  • You’re showing that you’re running a professional practice.

Here’s a sample
of what we can do

  • Appointments can be made direct to your calendar
  • Reschedules can be done immediately
  • Cancellations can be taken care of and hopefully rescheduled rather than cancelled
  • No more pesky telemarketer calls as the messages never get through to you
  • After hours voicemails returned
  • Appointments confirmed or confirmations followed up
  • Continue to run a full calendar with minimal cancellations by having us manage your calendar
  • And more
20 Ways to Use a VA



What our clients
are saying about us

Sean Garvan - Garvan Financial Planning (Cairns)

Paula and her Team are one of my most valued resources. I run a 100% outsourced business in that I do not employ any direct staff, and Paula’s specific financial planning client services experience combined with clear and simple pricing for her services, means that I can support and service a significantly larger client base than if I was handling all of the client services work myself. I am also able to only pay for the time spent when tasks are actually being worked on/completed, as opposed to having a full-time salaried staff member sitting idle and costing me money. The engagement is clear and transparent with excellent time tracking and reporting, and the ability to ‘prepay’ for blocks of hours is helpful for managing cash flow. I highly recommend Paula’s team to any business that would prefer not to have the hassle of a full-time office staff member, and have a simple and professional engagement that delivers great efficiency and results.

Rhian - Healthy Mummy

I wanted to send you a big thank you for all of your hard work over the years.  You have been a really important part of the growth of The Healthy Mummy and have worked tirelessly to ensure customers have been looked after every step of the way.  Your help with the set up of our system and developing our customer service processes have been critical to the evolvement of our customer service. Thank you so much for all of your help and for supporting us throughout.  Your loyalty and commitment has been invaluable. 

Beth Oxley - Marketing Manager, Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten

We recently invited Paula Burgess as a guest speaker at a parenting workshop held at Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten. I believe a successful parenting workshop is measured by attendees walking away having learnt what they expected to and with strategies they can implement to make their families lives happier. I must say that Paula certainly delivered on these expectations and more. Paula is a knowledgeable, personable and a confident presenter and coach. We look forward to working with Paula again, both for parent and educator training and support. Thank you Paula!


I really appreciate your work. Thank you for your professionalism and friendly support.

Dr Jessica Cooke – Mindwell Psychology

Want to sound more professional?

Having a dedicated Australian receptionist answer your phones is a sure-fire way to sound super professional. Contact us today to find out virtual reception works.