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How I built my business around the needs of my ADHD son

Leaving the security of my full-time job to have flexibility with the needs of my son, I was scared. I had 2 mortgages and I was about to leave the secure job I’d held for the past 5 years. I was terrified, but it needed to happen.

That’s why I started my virtual assistant and reception business. A friend, who happened to be a business coach, directed me towards my first client.

From there, the flow on effect started as my reputation grew, adding clients as the months rolled on.

It wasn’t all roses though and there were some very trying times, both with my business and the needs of my son. And there still are today too. But I’ve found that with continual support from fellow business owners, mentors and coaches, I’m been able to run my business, build a team, and be there for my son.

I understand the real juggle of family and business and I’m passionate about providing support to fellow mums who want this lifestyle – running a business and having flexibility to be there for their children.

Would you like to connect with fellow mums in business?

Having a child with special needs can sometimes feel a tad isolating and you’re not sure people 100% understand what it’s like. If you’d like to connect with other mums in your situation, please click on the link below.

Work at Home Strategies - Even with kids in the house by Paula Burgess - Beyond the Maze

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