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ADHD School Pack

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This is a school pack that you cannot miss!

Not only will it help your child in the classroom but it will also help your teacher with some information on how best to support your child.

You can get your child involved with the paperwork making this a perfect opportunity to talk with them about any worries about school and what to expect.

Here’s what the pack include:

About Me Profile

This is a sheet where you can work with your child to write down things about them that the teacher may need to know or what the teacher may need to help them with, along with a few other things. This would be a perfect sheet to give substitute teachers as well.

Classroom Challenges

This will go through the common challenges in the classroom and quick tips on how the teacher can assist.

Powerful Questions

Here are some questions that can be used both in the classroom and at home to get the best out of your children.   This is a quick introduction of some similar questions that may be used in a coaching session.

ADHD Challenges and Strategies

This is an extensive 8-page portfolio of detailed information about ADHD behaviours and why they occur or what scenarios may set then off and different options to manage these behaviours.

Why do you need this?

This package will be fantastic to provide to teachers and even the substitute teachers to help your child.  Some of the options will help you as well.

This package will make school life easier for our children.

Get it now and ensure you complete the profile sheet with your child before school.  Ensure that you are chatting about school and any worries about starting school or going back to school.