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Beyond The Maze


You will find on this page links to free resources for parents, cares & teachers.


To receive 5 days of free resources to help you include a child with ADHD in your classroom and work well with parents please register here.

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Check out our paid events here and see if there is one in your area?   If there isn’t and you would like to learn more, we also run workshops for schools, contact us here to ask for details.


New to ADHD?

Do you suspect ADHD or recently received a diagnosis?   Check out our FREE webinar here to help you with what to do next.  Click here to register

School Tips & Heading to school?

Do you want some tips with heading back to school or communicating with the school?  In this FREE webinar, you will receive those tips to assist.  Click here to register

Do you want free tips about ADHD and questions to ask professionals? 

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