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Beyond The Maze


Are you a parent of a child living with ADHD?


Beyond the Maze specialises and is passionate about assisting parents through the maze of ADHD.

Paula is a qualified ADHD Coach who did her training through ADD Coaching Academy.  Having an ADHD son herself along with a step-son living with ADHD also, she is well experienced with ADHD in her day to day life.

Paula has a caring and understanding nature who will listen to your concerns but also guide you through the maze with support.



There are many ways that you can work with Paula and the team at Beyond the Maze.

If you would like to speak with Paula and her team further on how we can help please feel free to contact us.



Are you a professional who also works in the ADHD field?

Would you like more referrals or just a great coach to refer your clients to?

We are a coaching business who specialise in ADHD, we work with parents who have children living with ADHD.  Coaching can add a fantastic level of treatment to the parents who you work with.

Beyond the Maze has a very specific selection process for who they would like to work with to ensure that we have common goals for the parents that we work with.

We are always on the lookout to give our fabulous clients referrals to some wonderful people.

The type of people we look for are:

  • Specialise with ADHD and the effect on children

  • Approachable and caring nature

  • Open to alternative therapies if a parent wants to try something else.

  • You listen to parents’ concerns and you offer them solutions to suit them not just what is the ‘normal’ thing to do.

  • You offer suggestions that would help as a holistic treatment and believe that working part of a team is the best thing for the child.

  • You will communicate with a school when needed to ensure that the school is kept up to date with the treatment.

Contact to see if you can work with us.



If you are an employer and wish to understand how to support a team member better or help them work to their full potential.    Why not make an appointment with Paula or even have her pay a visit to see how you can best provide a suitable workplace for your team.


Conference Speaking

Paula is available to speak at conferences, conventions or any events that may be applicable. She can tailor a topic to your needs or you can choose from the few topics that she has already spoken about.    See the speaker page here.

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