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Beyond The Maze

Welcome to my website. I am Paula Burgess, the founder of Beyond the Maze!
Beyond the Maze was born when I was having a particularly hard few weeks with my son while running a business.

I have friends that I can call on when I find things are tough and some of those are friends are in business but none of them have a business and an ADHD child.

“I felt so alone!”

I started looking for local and online support for parents of ADHD children. There are support systems for adults with ADHD and quite a number of organisations in America but little found in Australia.

So Beyond the Maze was born. I feel that as a parent of a special needs child that has been running a business along with juggling his needs I can provide the support that so many parents need.

When I had this ah-ha moment and knew this was what I was meant to be doing, I realised that I was set up to do this a long time ago but just hadn’t realised it yet

My journey with special needs children started when I was 14 years of age. I did quite a lot of community service work with special needs kids and I ended up being acknowledged for this by winning the Australia Day Young Citizen Award.

After school I went on to do personal care assistant work with the disabled and elderly and I loved it.

I moved into the finance field for a good portion of my working life from there and this is where I obtained my Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning.

A couple of years ago my son started having problems with daycare which resulted in us being asked to leave the centre and find another one. It was this turning point in my life that I knew I had to start looking for an alternative to working full time to be able to focus on him.

A year and a bit later I left my full time job and started working for myself so I could be available to attend any appointments that my son required, attend school excursions to help the school with his needs otherwise he wouldn’t be able to attend and basically be there when he needed me.

My goal is to offer a supportive environment for other parents with ADHD children who are finding challenges with their children but also to encourage you to find the good side of ADHD.

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