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Have You Tried Diet?

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You mention to someone that your child has ADHD and you have probably heard these 5 words, Have you tried the diet?

When it comes to ADHD there are so many misconceptions that has been caused by giving our children lollies and red drinks but we know that this isn’t the case at all.

Although diet definitely has a place with ADHD it isn’t the cause nor the cure.

Genetics is the primary culprit when it comes to ADHD not diet.

However, I do believe that if there is a sensitivity, allergy or the like around a food type or food group then it could cause changes in the brain which could present behaviours which may show like ADHD.

Therefore I think that everyone who thinks ADHD may be a possibility or has just received a diagnosis should look at checking diet as part of the process.  This may determine if there are other issues that are in play.

ADHD is a very complex condition and it doesn’t present the same in everyone so sometimes a diagnosis may end up being something else aside from or including ADHD.

But where do you start with diet you may ask?

Well, the first place we started which we found was the easiest way was just to remove any food with numbers.   I can highly recommend an app called the Chemical Maze to assist with this.

This app works where you can be in the supermarket and have a product in your hand, as you are looking at the label you can enter into the app any numbers that may be showing on the label, then the app will tell you what the possible side effects may present from this product.

Over time you will start to learn what numbers are Ok and what to stay away from.

Another simple rule to stick to is to generally shop on the outside of the supermarket. Staying away from the aisles of the supermarket will result in less processed food and more whole foods which will reduce those numbers anyway.

These are things you can do on your own, however if you are serious about looking into the diet or you want some help then a dietician or nutritionist is who you need.

They will take you through what you need and if you do find some sensitivities or allergies then they will help you with meal plans and recipes.

Remember,  I am not saying that diet is a cure for ADHD in any way but I am saying that it is definitely something to look at to ensure the diagnosis is actually ADHD and not something that is presenting like ADHD.




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