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ADHD Awareness Month

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October is ADHD Awareness Month!

October is about talking to people, educating people and creating as much awareness as possible about ADHD.

Over the past few years of working in the ADHD space, there seems to be so much more happening to create awareness about ADHD each year.

This is fantastic!

The more options available to flood the market with facts about ADHD rather than false truths about ADHD the better.

We need to be educating about ADHD.  Tell the truths but also have a little fun.

This is our month, our children’s’ month and anyone who lives with ADHD day in day out.

ADHD isn’t about behaviour, that is sometimes a side effect that is along for the ride.  Sure, we can put in place therapies and strategies to help us handle the behaviour and the causes of that behaviour but it is important to understand the reasons behind the behaviour.

Maybe it is frustration, maybe it is caused from not understanding instructions, possibly there were too many instructions given and the brain can’t process it, whatever it may be, taking the time to understand the scenario before the behaviour will help.

If your child’s school is constantly phoning you to pick up your child due to unacceptable behaviour then ask them what caused this behaviour.  What was the situation that led to that behaviour, there are many things you can do to help this and understanding ADHD is one of them, however this discussion is for another blog.

Going back to awareness month, what are some ways you can help with creating more awareness about ADHD?

  1. Share as many of the appropriate memes that you find on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes. This will help educate others about ADHD.
  2. Talk to people about ADHD. Don’t be afraid of the ADHD diagnosis, it is a mental health condition and it is important to speak openly about mental health.  This will help people understand these conditions better.
  3. Talk to your children about ADHD. The more they understand that ‘being different’ is not necessarily a bad thing the better it is for them.   Encouraging our children to accept their differences and be confident in their skin is one the most beneficial things we can do for them.
  4. Take the time to read blogs and stories about ADHD to educate yourself on ADHD. Understand the truths about ADHD so you can correct others if you hear things that are not correct.
  5. Stay positive. ADHD can bring about very negative aspects for us as parents, our children and society in general.  Yes, ADHD brings its own challenges for everything but if we allow then to define us and sit in the negative then we will never move forward.    Dealing with those challenges while keeping a positive focus will bring about some amazing shifts.

Although October is only 31 days long, it doesn’t have to stop there.  Yes, we can platform off the ADHD Awareness month promotions, but we can be doing these things all the time.  The more people who understand about ADHD the better world that we will create for our children.

If you would like to learn how to feel more positive about ADHD, then why not sign up for a free 15 minute session with me and we can work on a strategy to do this.

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