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To The Non-Believers Of ADHD

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Hi there, so you don’t believe ADHD exists right?   Well I am here to tell you otherwise.   With ADHD awareness month fast approaching in October and as a parent and ADHD coach who works with adults and children with ADHD every day I am here to inform you that ADHD very much exists!   

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as it is known in its true form or ADHD as most of us know, is an executive function disorder not a behavioural disorder.  It is definitely not bad parenting as some people believe it is.   How do you explain it as bad parenting when you have families with more than one child and the other children are not experiencing these difficulties?   The parenting is the same so how can that be bad parenting?   

I implore you to live a day in the life of a mum or dad with an ADHD child before you judge someone on their parenting ability or challenge the medical industry about a diagnosis.   

Think about the mother at work who has received yet another phone call from the school asking her to leave work once again to pick up her child because the school isn’t sure how to manage the situation.   She is hanging onto her job by a thread after receiving many of these calls and just waiting for the day she tells her boss that she has to leave work once again to deal with a situation and her boss tells her not to bother coming back.     

Think about the parent who picks their child up from school at the end of the day and the medication has worn off and they are experiencing the come down from that medication or the exhaustion that their child is feeling from trying to do the right thing all day, sometimes these come downs are not pretty.   Not to mention the heartbreak that they felt having to put their child on medication in the first place, just so their child can get through the school day.  Contrary to popular belief this isn’t an easy decision for most parents.  

Think about the child who constantly feels that they don’t fit in and no one wants to play with them.  This is generally because they don’t understand how to manage their feelings if things don’t go the way that they pan out in their mind.    

The development of someone with ADHD can be delayed anywhere from 3 -5 years so how do we expect out 7 year old children to understand how to manage their feelings when sometimes they are functioning as a 4 year old.   

I could talk forever to convince you that ADHD is real but I really don’t need to.  You will have your beliefs and hopefully you will come around soon.  

However, whether you believe or not, I ask you just one thing.   

Please be understanding of the hard times parents like us may experience and just be there for us should we need you.   

Paula is an ADHD coach, parent advocate and author who is passionate about helping families affected by ADHD and changing society’s opinion on ADHD.  Paula is available for speaking events also.

If you want more information on how to work with your ADHD child feel free to contact Paula at

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