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Beyond The Maze

The mere mention of school when it comes to having a child living with ADHD may make you cringe.  It is a necessary evil in some cases and something that we all must find a way to make work. Unfortunately, unless you can home-school your child then a mainstream school is generally the only option…

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When it comes to ADHD it is a common misconception that medication is the only option but really it is only a part of the treatment not the only treatment.     Most of us as parents know this but many without children with ADHD think that we choose medication as the ‘easy way out’ but we…

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Self-care! This seems to be the buzz word at the moment, but what does it really mean. When it comes to having a child with ADHD, self-care commonly becomes a term where we are asking what it truly means and then asking when we have time to actually do it. Self-care in a nutshell is…

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