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Do Video Games actually help ADHD?

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You would have heard many people say that video games are bad for ADHD and it affects the ability for our children to focus even more.

Recently I attended an ADHD conference where a Professor in Neurology is doing some studies to see if video games actually helped ADHD.

Guess what?

They do!


This session had me totally intrigued.  As a mum of a child that adores video games to the point he has spoken about being a video game programmer for years now, I have always been concerned that it was doing him more harm than good.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not about to let him play video games all day and night based on these findings but at least I know that I am not doing an entirely bad thing by allowing him the time to play video games.

One of the problems that we all know about ADHD is trying to focus, let alone trying to focus on more than one task at the same time.   We have all been told that multitasking is not efficient and is something we should not do.

Well, these video game trials are changing this way of thinking in a way that they are actually training the brain how to multi-task efficiently.

How do they help?

One of the games has you driving a car on a track but at the same time, you have to look at the signs and choose the colour and type of sign it is while keeping the car straight on the track.

This video game actually forces you to multi-task effectively or you don’t move to the next level.

After the testing of this video game they found that the brain then started to multi-task more effectively, even to the point that they gave this game to an older group (from memory I think the group were in their 50s or 60s) and had them play this game every day for a set period of time to see if it improved their brain function.   After the time was completed, they were found to be better than those in the 20s.

This is some pretty cool stuff and I was excited to hear about these studies as I could really see this helping our children in the future. Not to mention that this will be a therapy that they love!

The most exciting thing about this study is the work they are doing with doctors and specialists in the hope that these specific videos games may actually be a course of treatment, not just for ADHD patients but also other brain conditions that could be improved by this brain training.

Just imagine going to the doctor for a diagnosis or treatment and they send you out the door with a video game!   Mind blown!

If you want to know more about this treatment, as I haven’t even touched the iceberg yet, you can read many interesting articles about this study on the professor’s website

Who is Paula Burgess?

Paula is an ADHD coach, parent advocate and author who is passionate about helping parents and children living with ADHD and changing society’s opinion on ADHD.  Paula is available for speaking events also.
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