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ADD vs ADHD – the difference

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ADD vs ADHD – the difference

Attention Deficit Disorder, known as ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder known as ADHD, you may refer to this disorder as either of these acronyms but what is the difference?

Actually, nothing! Well, sort of.

Hang on, you may ask, but my child isn’t hyperactive!

Health Professionals and researchers now believe that ADD is a form of ADHD.

You see, ADD and ADHD all now fall under the ADHD banner much like Aspergers now falls under the Autism Spectrum Disorder and they are both referred to as ASD.

The “H” in the ADHD should necessarily mean that you have the Hyperactive type, it can also stand for Hyperfocus or Hyper anything really.

Now the overall diagnosis is ADHD but you have 3 different types of ADHD.

These 3 types are:

  • Inattentive
  • Hyperactive
  • Combined Type which is generally a combination of the above two.

In the past it was the Inattentive type that would get the ADD diagnosis and the Hyperactive type that would receive the ADHD diagnosis.

To summarise the difference between this diagnosis, here are a list of the traits

ADHD Inattentive type:

  • Fails to pay attention & makes careless mistake
  • Often has a problem staying on task
  • Doesn’t seem to listen
  • Doesn’t follow through on instructions
  • Gets bored easily
  • Forgets things

ADHD Hyperactive Type:

  • Often fidgets with hands or squirms in seat
  • Often leaves seat which remaining seated is expected
  • Often runs about or climbs excessively in situations in which it is inappropriate
  • Often has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly
  • Is often “on the go” or often acts as if “driven by a motor”
  • Often talks excessively & blurts out answers
  • Often has difficulty waiting turn
  • Often interrupts (e.g., butts into games)

Combined Type:

  • May have a mix of both traits
  • Most common diagnosed
  • Usually has 6 of each trait in Hyperactivity and Inattentive to be diagnosed combined
  • Impulsive
  • Hyperactive
  • Disorganised

So now that you know the difference you can start using the term ADHD. Don’t worry about the stigma, just use it. The more we get comfortable with talking to people about this, the more we can educate them

Although it may seem hard at first to talk about ADHD the more we talk about it the more we are working towards making this world a better place for our children to live.

There will always be people with different opinions to us and that just isn’t about ADHD alone, it is really everything from politics to health treatments so the more we can educate the better.

If you want to learn more about ADHD and how to work with it instead of fighting against it, then join us at the ADHD conference – Beyond ALL Limits conference, held in Brisbane on the 10th June.

You will get access to all specialists that work with ADHD in one spot on one day!

The line-up we have are:

  • ADHD Coach – Living with ADH
  • Nutritionist – What’s Food Got to do with it
  • Behavioural Strategies – Sampling Simply 123
  • Special Needs Teacher – Working with the schooling system
  • Holistic Counsellor – Resilience Sills and Social/Emotional Learning
  • Sleep Talk Consultant – Sleep Talk
  • Naturopath – Importance of Healthy Eating
  • Speaker Coach – Advocating for our children
  • Health & Wellness Coach – Everyday Rituals for busy and stressed parents
  • The Mates Program
  • Neurofeedback strategies
  • Psychologist – Psychoeducation – Why strategies work
  • Paediatrician – Medicating for ADHD
  • Integrative GP – BioBalance Treatment
  • Occupational Therapist – ADHD Behaviours and Beyond

This is one event that you cannot miss if you want to learn more about ADHD.

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