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Why You SHOULD have an Integrative Doctor for ADHD

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ADD vs ADHD – the difference

It was at a lunch meeting when I first learned about integrative doctors. I was sitting across the table from Jenny, a naturopath who will be speaking at the ADHD Beyond ALL Limits conference and she asked if I was aware of integrative doctors, I had no idea.

According to the website of the Natural Institute of Integrated Medicine of Australia ( an integrative doctor is defined as follows:

Your integrative GP has the usual qualifications of a doctor, as well as many years’ experience, but is also further qualified in one or more complementary medicine modalities, such as nutrition and environmental medicine, herbal medicine, or naturopathy. Integrative GPs are able to assess and treat patients using a combination of both mainstream and complementary medicine, as appropriate.

OMG! I was shocked I didn’t even know that doctors like this existed, the fact that doctors who are usually ruled by science would even consider the use of natural therapies made me super excited.

I knew I just had to have a doctor like this at the conference! Not just any doctor though, one that had an interest in ADHD.

Jenny, the naturopath also advised me that these doctors may also specialise in a program called Bio Balance and they were having a conference soon. I quickly jumped on the website to find out more about this Bio Balance and find a doctor.

I found one based on the Sunshine Coast, Dr Nicole Nelson who specialises in ADHD and other behavioural disorders.

By chance, she was also attending that conference so we agreed to meet there and chat.

Before I even went into the conference to find out more about Bio Balance, Dr Nelson assured me that there was a place in ADHD for both natural and scientific alternatives. Everyone is different and both children and adults respond to things different. This won me in a second. All too much I see this ‘one size fits all approach’ and it drives me crazy, especially for ADHD!

ADHD presents so differently in many children and adults, so how can we treat it exactly the same!

Throughout the conference, I just became more and more interested and I am craving more. There was talk about how tests are done to see what chemicals are out of balance in the body and an in-depth treatment with diet, nutrients and minerals can assist this.

Before you scoff that the fact that this is just the diet talk again, please stick with me.

Bio Balance is a lot more than just diet it is understanding the body and how it works and reacts to certain things. It has to be done in conjunction with a doctor and/or naturopath to ensure it is being done effectively, it is not something that can be done by oneself.

On their website ( it is explained it as:

The treatment involves assessment of each patient’s body chemistry imbalances using a range of laboratory tests of blood, urine and hair samples, along with physical examination, medical and life history data. Individualised complementary nutritional supplement programs aimed at balancing the patient’s body chemistry are prescribed on the basis of these assessments.

It made total sense to me. Different parts of the body work in different ways and they can react to a variety of things both internal (i.e. food, mental health such as stress, etc.) and external (i.e. cleaning products, general air quality etc.) causing a variety of chemical reactions. This is just pure science.

My top reasons for considering an integrated doctor in your health plan for ADHD:

  • They don’t claim to be miracle workers and remove medication from children. They more say they work with you until all the chemical readings are great in the body and if you find you don’t need the medication any longer then that’s what happens. They have patients still on their medication but just lower doses and they have patients completely off their medication.
  • They don’t claim a one size fits all approach. They say that everyone is different and they do the tests to see what is different and treat accordingly.
  • They are still doctors so they are not going to remove the medication if they don’t think it still needs to be there, so you don’t have to fight against or for medication (that is a stress relief whatever way you think)
  • They are a fully trained GP who has just done extra training in Bio Balance research and strategies.
  • If they specialise in ADHD then you have a general GP who knows what you are talking about and is likely to be more open with anything you wish to try, whether it be scientific or natural.

After being at this conference in a room with Doctors, Psychiatrists, Naturopaths and Parents, I was convinced that this is definitely something that I will be looking further into. The simple cross over between natural and scientific and knowing that there are doctors that would even consider this made me excited!

If you want to know more about Bio Balance and integrative doctors, I have Dr Nelson speaking at the conference on the 10th June so click the link here to find out more.

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