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Beyond The Maze

Have You Been Affected by ADHD/ASD?

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Have You Been Affected by ADHD/ASD?

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Sitting in my office working on a job, I get yet another call from school saying I need to pick up my son as he wasn’t coping again. In fact, given his teacher was away sick for the rest of the week it was suggested that he stay home for the rest of the week. What could I say? My child was not coping and the school thought it best for him to stay home given his teacher wasn’t there. Ok, I said with my voice wavering and quickly put down the phone. Overwhelm quickly hit with the reality of the amount of work I had to do and now had to juggle that with my son being home for a week. I quickly found myself sitting on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. This was the moment I knew I needed help and quickly logged onto the net to see if there was a support group available.

I soon realised that not only was there not one in my area but there wasn’t many anywhere! This needed to change. I wasn’t alone with this feeling and parents like us need support. This quickly led to me setting up my own support group and services for parents of children living with ADHD.

I then found many parents, carers and teachers that were asking for information but just didn’t know where to start. Along came the dream to make a one stop shop for parents. The idea of a conference to provide all of this quickly formed.

Where do I start though? Ok, first I must find a venue but not just any venue! It had to have free parking and plenty of it. It had to be easily accessible but also could house 100 + people for both the conference and dinner!

I then had to source speakers, what type, what do people want to hear? Both venue and speakers proved to be a challenge. I ended up finding a local venue, The Corso, North Lakes and this could cater for all of us, had ample free parking AND was just across the road from a major shopping centre so people could wander over for lunch.

I wanted both a variety of medical speakers and alternative strategies to ensure that there was ample information at the conference and suited a variety of people. With the speakers almost wrapped up the next challenge was marketing the event to the right people.

With the organising moving along nicely, it is now time summarise how you will benefit from attending this conference.

  • Discover what range of treatment options available including mainstream and alternative therapies
  • Meet & speak with a leading panel of experts in their field.
  • Connect with other parents and build a great support network of like-minded friends
  • Learn how to look after YOU in times of pressure and overwhelm
  • Take home behaviour strategies to implement as soon return
  • Discover effective programs that can be implemented in the classroom
  • Have a better understanding of how children living with ADHD functions
  • Learn what parents of children living with ADHD really want
  • Connect with other teachers and parents to build a great network of contacts
  • Take home behaviour strategies that will make it easier in the classroom.

You can also join us for the VIP session in the evening where you will be able to have dinner with a speaker, hear some great success stories and get a goodie bag valued at $150.00!

If you want to learn new things about ADHD, connect with the specialists in their field, make new friends and support networks then click on this link to find out how you can join us.

We hope to see you there!

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