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Beyond The Maze

Have You Been Affected by ADHD/ASD? Don’t miss the ADHD – Beyond ALL limits conference Sitting in my office working on a job, I get yet another call from school saying I need to pick up my son as he wasn’t coping again. In fact, given his teacher was away sick for the rest of…

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5 Ways Diet can help ADHD If you are a parent of a child living with ADHD, you won’t be a stranger to the comment “Have you tried the diet?” Like diet is the answer to curing ADHD. Wow, if only it was THAT simple. Although diet won’t ‘cure’ ADHD it can sometimes help with…

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Why I say living with ADHD For those that know me and have spoken with me before, you may have heard me say that my child ‘lives with ADHD’ not ‘has ADHD’. For those that haven’t spoken with me or heard me say that – you will. I wanted to give you the background of…

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