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USA ADHD Conference – Here I come!

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USA ADHD Conference – Here I come!

Have you ever had a time that you just get up one morning and then decide to do something crazy? Well I did about 8 months ago and I put myself out there to apply to be a speaker at a big conference in the USA. My heart and stomach nearly jumped though my mouth when I submitted the application.

A few months later I received a reply but unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen to be a speaker. That’s OK, I decided to continue with the goal of being an international speaker another time but go to the conference anyway. I took it as a great learning opportunity and then changed the outcome for the good anyway, something we should teach our children to always do.

Fast forward to yesterday and I boarded a flight to LA ready to attend the conference.

After a long 13 hour flight with only about 2 hours sleep (I am terrible sleeping on planes) I eagerly arrived in America ready to register for the conference.

I diligently picked up my registration pack and started highlighting all my sessions. After getting excited about what I had registered for those many months ago, I decided those that I would share that excitement with you can give you a sneak peak of what I am attending and what I will share with you over the coming weeks.

  • Mental Models and Lifespan Development
  • How Coaching helps
  • ADHD in the life of a sports agent – strengths, weaknesses, resilience and risks.
  • The effects of genetics and mindfulness meditation on people living with ADHD
  • Creating Systems and Structures that really work for children living with ADHD
  • Too much Minecraft? How children living with ADHD are drawn to Minecraft and what it does for them.
  • Strategies to help our children succeed in school and life
  • Does ADHD always begin in childhood?
  • Coexisting conditions common with ADHD
  • Humour and Playfulness in ADHD Coaching

Stay tuned for “live” summaries on Facebook and then blogs to come!

Let us know on Facebook what you are looking forward to hearing about the most.

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