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Beyond The Maze

Some People Just Don’t Get It! Having a child living with ADHD can be a challenge but also can be rewarding. However, one of the biggest challenges is people just not ‘getting’ ADHD. There are many people out there that just believe ADHD can be ‘cured’ by a good smack. I recently saw a post…

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What To Expect With Medication? Following on from my 3 part series on understanding ADHD, let’s talk about medication. This is a very common word when you are dealing with ADHD. Love it or hate it, it is there. It is up to you if you wish to introduce medication. There are many different medications,…

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ADHD Diagnosis – What’s Next? Over the course of the next 3 blogs, I would like to talk about accepting the ADHD label and how to work with it. Take yourself back to the time that you received the diagnosis, did you feel that you were a failure, did you feel that you were judged…

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