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Feeling overwhelmed? Categorise & Prioritise is the key!

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Feeling overwhelmed? Categorise & Prioritise is the key!

We all know that juggling a business with children requires some great organisation and scheduling skills.

Running kids to daycare or school then picking them up again, add school holidays to that mix and you feel like sometimes you need to be a superhero!

Juggling everything can sometimes feel like we just struggle to keep our head above water which can affect us both emotionally and physically.

Never fear there are ways we can do things to reduce that stress.

My 5 suggestions to help get those jobs done, you can do these monthly, weekly or daily, whatever works best for you.

1. Take 5, sit down and make a list of EVERYTHING you HAVE to do.

This is not stuff you would like to do, it is stuff you HAVE to do like drop offs and pick ups from school/daycare. Run the kids to other activities, feed the children, do the washing, do the shopping etc.

2. Now sit down and write the other things that you NEED to do and WANT to do.

This will help you to start to work out a schedule and how things work. You need to write down absolutely everything here and not hold anything back no matter how impossible it may seem.

3. Make 3 columns on a piece of paper

These columns can be listed as Must do, Can do and want to do. Write all these things that you have to do in the associated columns. This will help you work out your timeline and how things are going to work for you.

4. Prioritise the Tasks

Once the tasks are in your columns put them in order on how you are going to do them. The ones in the must do list must be prioritised first so you can see what has to be done and then the other tasks can be slotted in between the must do tasks.

5. Enter into your diary

I find if you enter your to do list into your diary it keeps you more accountable to what you have to do. It sets off a checklist in itself where you can work through the list and get things done.

The most important thing is, if you don’t managed to get everything done, don’t be too hard on yourself, just take a step back and re-assess your list. Maybe you set yourself an impossible task and in reality you were never going to achieve it.

Re-assess your list with more realistic eyes and start again. If an unexpected event has changed your day and this has caused you not to get things done then just start again the next day and try then.

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