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Juggling a Business AND School Holidays

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Juggling a Business AND School Holidays

We all know the challenges of running a business around the children and the short days we have while they are at school. Well, let’s now add school holidays to the mix and it feels like we have even less time!

So how do we continue to keep our business running AND spend time with the kids and not have them sit at the TV or on the computers the whole time (as much as some of them would love that…lol) ?

Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Outsource

Your business still has to run regardless of whether your kids are on holidays right? How much of your business can you outsource? Look at your business and see what you absolutely have to do and what you can get others to do.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean paying someone all the time, you could ask family members to help where they can. Do you have someone that is good with numbers and may be able to do your invoices for you? Can you ask a niece/nephew or older child to check your emails and sort through what you absolutely have to answer?

There are also plenty of options in the market that find the right people for you to outsource too. Odesk and eLance are great options to look at for quick, low cost outsourcing options.

2. Share child care

Can you share with the friend? You have your friend’s children one day and they have yours the next day. This may give you a full day to work and work constantly which may free up your time to be able to give the day back to have your friend’s child. Ask Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles etc, anyone that you may be able to rely on to take your child/ren out for the day.

If you child can handle holiday care (mine can’t) then you could book them in to one of those for one or two days. They have a ball and gives you a day to work.

3. Set Schedules

Most school age children understand that you still have to work to earn money to buy things but the younger ones may not get that 100% yet. By setting schedules they all know what to expect and what is coming up. When it comes to the younger kids that can’t read yet, put in pictures of what is going to happen and help them to tell the time or set timers so they know what to expect next and how long the current activity is going to run for.

Don’t be afraid to put on a movie on the TV after lunch where they can just have some quiet time and this will give you some time to work while they are watching the movie.

Remember to schedule time for yourself to spend the time with the kids as you don’t want to be working all day while your kids are doing things.

During the school holidays you may have to work in the evening to be able to spend time with the kids.

4. Move your office.

Maybe for the school holidays, you may need to move your office out to the main living area. Usually during the Christmas school holidays I move a desk to the main living area and that is my office for the next 8 weeks. That way I can still be out in the main area with my son while activities happen around me and I am available to set up for the activities or do them with him.

5. Be flexible.

School holidays can create havoc or they can be easy. It all depends on how organised you are. Not everything is going to go to plan. Things will happen where you may be completely organised but then something happens and it changes everything. Try not to stress, do your best, do what you can, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Working with children at home can be a challenge but hey, this is why we work for ourselves right, so we have the flexibility around our children.


Until next week!

Continue following your passion!

Paula Burgess
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