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The BIG Question! Will the Medication Continue?

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The BIG Question! Will the Medication Continue?

So, when I last left you I spoke about the dramas of the medication and the heightened anxiety around this.

Well, not much changed really, in fact in some ways it actually got worse!

After talking with the school about different ways to help him through taking the medication we worked out a strategy which seemed to take the anxiety away from actually taking the tablet and the build-up we had in the morning to get him to the classroom.

First challenge down!

BUT, and what a huge one it is, my afternoons are an absolute disaster! The minute I pick him up from school, he is on a high!

Bear in mind, he is on short acting medication which means the meds should be out of his system by lunch time and the school should be getting the high not me! They definitely notice the difference when the medication has worn off but for some reason I get the worst of it and no one can work out why.
As soon as I pick him up he goes wild, running in front of cars (impulsivity to the max, which he has NEVER done before, he always held my hand but now refuses to), jumping in the boot of my car as soon as I open it and then when I get him out of there he jumps in the back seat and gets up on the parcel tray of the car.

We are fighting before we have even got out of the school car park!

If I manage to get home without him kicking me in the arm while I drive or in the back of the seat, I am doing well. If I need to stop at the shops on the way home, I can forget that, it is just out of the question!

Most of this rarely happened before the medication!

This is all before we have even walked in the door. Then, if we don’t have wild behaviour in the afternoon we have an extremely emotional child who falls to pieces at the mere whisper of the word ‘no’.

It is ridiculous! I am exhausted by the time my husband gets home and he has to take over as I am done!

Then to top it off he doesn’t go to sleep until 9.30-10pm at night!

It just doesn’t make sense to anyone, his teachers, us, his specialists, they all say this shouldn’t be happening as the meds should be out of his system well and truly. I tell you though, it most certainly is!

Both his psychologist and I agree that this is no good for him. For the few hours that the school is getting results it is affecting the rest of his day in a negative way, especially the relationship we have.

After speaking with his psychiatrist we have decided that with the school holidays we don’t do the meds at all and see how he goes (so far so good) and then back to school with no meds and see what happens.

Meanwhile, I am planning to meet with yet another specialist who has many qualifications in a lot of natural therapies along with a psychology degree and I am currently doing a course on ADHD and ASD along with reading a book written by a psychologist about various treatments to try.

All this while running an ever growing business! This is exactly why I coach people in my position as I do this every day!

Will let you know the next step when I know it!

Paula Burgess
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