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Beyond The Maze

Juggling a Business AND School Holidays We all know the challenges of running a business around the children and the short days we have while they are at school. Well, let’s now add school holidays to the mix and it feels like we have even less time! So how do we continue to keep our…

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The BIG Question! Will the Medication Continue? So, when I last left you I spoke about the dramas of the medication and the heightened anxiety around this. Well, not much changed really, in fact in some ways it actually got worse! After talking with the school about different ways to help him through taking the…

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5 Steps to Creating a New Business Idea Are you sick of your job? Are you racking your brain trying to find something better to do? Do you want to start a business but don’t know what to do? Think about what you enjoy. There is no point starting a business to give you freedom…

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