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This medication is killing ME!

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This medication is killing ME!

Saturday arrived and so did the medication!

We had prepped my son that it was happening and told him it would be Saturday but he had to have breakfast first. We were ready to go, well as ready as I could be.

To start with, it definitely wasn’t all fun and games. He had to be convinced to take the tablet.

This was SO hard.

My son screaming and crying about not wanting to take the tablet, me holding back my tears because he was so upset and my husband losing it about him not taking the tablet.

Eventually after tears from both of us, the pill was taken!

Now just to wait for the effect….OR NOT.

Yep, you go it nothing, no change, no side effects.

The most side effect we got was the battle to actually take the tablets.

My son asked me if we could call his brother to talk about taking tablets (his brother is 31 and was medicated as a child) and as soon as he spoke to him he asked him if he was scared when he took his tablets. A little part of my heart just died, knowing he was scared of doing this.

After a few more days of trying different ways of getting him to take his tablet we still had no change so we increased the dose.

Then the side effects arrived. Wow, did they arrive!

However, not in the way you think!

We actually think it is around taking the tablets combined with the side effects to the tablet.
He can’t sleep until late at night as he is literally buzzing, then he gets up in the morning panicked that he has to take his tablet, then by the time he has got to school he isn’t feeling well from the tablet and he has a cold on top of it all.

All that combined, has simply escalated his anxiety levels and for the past two days I haven’t even got him to his classroom!

This morning he got halfway there and held onto a pole and wouldn’t let go.

Oh my Goodness……talk about stress!

This is crazy! Asking me to medicate my child when I have to watch him go through all of these things on top of not wanting to do it!

So today, combined with trying to run a business, I was on the phone and emails voicing my concerns with his psychiatrist and the school guidance counsellor trying to work out what we can do.

In addition, I have been researching to find yet another path we can consider if we can’t do the medication.

We have until mid this week to work out whether we are going to continue with this path at this stage.

Part of me just wants to give up and take the medication away and the other part wishes it will just work so I can help him stop feeling this way.

Will keep you posted.

Paula Burgess
Business and Life Coach
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