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Beyond The Maze

The Medication Decision

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The Medication Decision

Well today was the day!

The decision has been made.

The medication has entered the house!

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go to the chemist and get the script filled, it was just too heartbreaking. My husband did it and the pills are now in our house!

I kept it together to tell my son why he was having the tablets. We told him as little as possible. We simply told him that we are trying the tablets to see if they help him sit still at school. He very sweetly said “will they help me stay at my desk?” That was the killer question, my voice wavered! “Hopefully honey, they will” I answered him.

He is obviously aware of it, he isn’t dumb. He knows he is different. He knows that his brain makes him do things that he can’t control (his words, not mine).

I managed to keep it together at the school meeting, we were greeted by the Learning support teacher, the Year 1 teacher and the Guidance Counsellor. I walked in the room and immediately looked for the tissues, just in case.

Despite my husband saying that he was just going to go in there and tell them they can’t
“demand” we put him on the medication, he was actually very civil. Phew, one less stress.

They didn’t demand it at all. They told us the problems, he couldn’t sit still, he spent more time under the desk than at it, he was fast losing friends as he wasn’t very nice and is quite bossy, they were struggling to find things to praise him on etc etc. We were all very concerned about his mental health and how all of this was going to affect what he thought of himself.

After 20 years of my own work to get my self-confidence back, I certainly didn’t want my son having this long battle either.

So, although I feel that I have no choice in doing this, we have to give it a go. After all, I am trying to look at it as just another option that we are trying amongst a massive list of other things.

It may not even work, who knows! Then what??

No idea!!!

So, Saturday is the day. Not sure if I am going to actually be able to give it to him yet, but I will see.

Will keep you posted!

Paula Burgess
Business & Life Coach Specialising with parent of ADHD/ASD kids.Tagged ADD, ADHD, Behaviour, BEYOND THE MAZE, Deception Bay, diagnosis, Judgement, medication, REdcliffe, support

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