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Resisting the Medication (Yes, that “M” Word)

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Resisting the Medication (Yes, that “M” Word)

I want to share this story in the hope that it helps just one other mum that is going through this journey of having to medicate their child. It is so you don’t feel alone.

It is such a hard decision and one that makes you feel very alone. But you are not!

Today, was NOT a good day for me.

My son had a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon and I spent the hour long trip in the car in and out of tears!

I knew what was coming?

I have been fighting it for years?

It was the inevitable!


For those that know me know how hard I have fought this battle for my 6 year old son not to be medicated for his condition.

Since he was expelled from daycare at the age of 4 years, I have resisted the comments and opinions to have him medicated. We have been told he has ADHD, ASD, ODD, Anxiety but who really knows? This is the problem, no one does, so what exactly are we medicating for?????

The medication discussion was taken seriously when he began school last year but I refused to do it thinking that when he reached Year 1, he may respond to the structure better. We agreed we would wait until the end of first term and make a decision in the second term. I was still not 100% on board with medication but I was willing to consider it given I now had time on my side.

However, this time is now!

He is not handling the structure, in fact he is worse and not completing his work. We are fortunate that he is very bright and currently ahead of the curriculum in a lot of subjects but we won’t have that luxury forever.

His school have asked us to consider this early.

This brings me to today and our psychiatrist visit.

After everything we have tried this seems to be our last hope.

I have left my full-time job to build a business so I have the time to dedicate to him by supporting him with school activities, attending school excursions so he is able to attend, constant meetings with the school to ensure we are all on the same page with what needs to be done, picking him up from school when he just can’t handle the day anymore and running him to numerous appointments.

We have done the diet, a special school pre-prep program, a private special needs teacher, we have a psychologist, we have seen a paediatrician, we have seen an OT, we have done essential oils, we have done the positive parenting program, twice! We have done behavioural management, we have done natural therapies, we have had hearing checked along with grommets in and adenoids out.

We have done it all!

So why do I still feel like I am defeated by just getting a script of medication?

I feel like our only chance is now medication and if that fails then home schooling. Obviously running a business and home schooling has a whole lot of other challenges.

We are SO hard on ourselves as mums and how we beat ourselves up with these types of decisions is crazy. After all, if he needed life saving medication, glasses to see better or hearing aids to hear better I wouldn’t even think twice.

So why is this so hard?

I don’t know.

Well, I have the script and we have a meeting with the school next week to discuss our next step.
A little piece of me has died just by agreeing to the script, it will kill me actually having to physically give him this medication.

Stay tuned on our journey where I will update you when we start the medication (if I can actually do it) and how it all goes.

If you too are a parent in business trying to juggle an ADHD and/or ASD child then I have started a support group on Facebook where we can support each other.

Until next time, stay strong everyone you are doing an amazing job just being a mum!

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