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Danger! Mummy has lost it!

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Danger! Mummy has lost it!

It has taken me quite a lot to sit down and write this blog but I have decided to put myself out there in the hope that just one person will relate and not feel so bad about themselves.

My business coach encouraged me to do this so I hope he is right 🙂

As most of you know I have a child who has a number of challenges which is why I have made the move to work for myself in order to have flexibility around his needs.

For those of us that have just experienced school holidays for 6 – 8 weeks you will know this too is sometimes a challenge especially when trying to run a business from home as well.

We had 8 weeks of school holidays and my son handled it pretty well. I am pretty good with keeping him in a routine and explaining to him what is happening so he isn’t surprised by anything so we had a fairly stress free school holiday period which was nice.

However, this didn’t stop me losing it one day.

I had taken the ‘day off’ well, organised someone else to do my work for me that day and decided to take my son and a friend to a trampoline park.

We were getting ready to go and my son decided he was going to have a mega meltdown about toothpaste!


He turned 6 in October and we started a new toothpaste but for some reason by the middle of January he decided that he couldn’t use it because it was now too “spicy”. OMG!!!

No amount of convincing was going to get him to use this damn toothpaste.

Well, that was it, I completely lost it! I am not proud but I screamed (and I mean screamed!) at him and told him that I couldn’t handle this any longer and to get out of the house and go to Grandma’s (she lives in a unit at the back of our house).

I was so disgusted that I lost my cool. I ended up in my own bedroom in tears. Ever since we have had these problems with him, I have dealt with pretty much everything to assist him to get through in life, put things in place to help with routine, attended all appointments required, pushed doctors to get things done and I am usually so much more controlled with him than I was this day.

We ended up still going out and I was still crying in the car on the way to the trampoline park. I ended up telling myself that there was nothing I was able to do about the fact that I had screamed at him and just to get over it.

I just tried to enjoy my time with him.

On the way home we stopped at an organic store to get some different toothpaste and I had one of ‘those’ children, running about the store and not listening to me. He was clearly not in a good place that day and obviously had not control in himself. But, by then I was over my own meltdown and was able to handle it so much better with a much more clearer head.

Sometimes we are allowed to lose the plot and don’t always need to have everything together.

Running a business is tough, running a business around children is even tougher but combining school holidays and business is a completely different experience.

As organised and in control as we may be, it still may not go right. We just need to accept it.Tagged ADD, ADHD, Behaviour, BEYOND THE MAZE, Brisbane, coach, Deception Bay, diagnosis, Judgement, medication, REdcliffe, support

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