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Make Good Use of Your Time

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Make Good Use of Your Time

This blog is all about making use of your time in the most effective way.

Basically I was going to create my first blog to you as a video vlog. But I am just finding it hard to find the time to sit in front of a video and actually do it.

So, I am dictating this blog in my car on my way to school to pick up my son.

My commute to do the school run each day is 10 minutes there, 10minutes back. However the morning run can take me up to 30 minutes and that is just one way!

This time is just dead time in the car.

I like to use this time in a number of ways for both personal time with my son or business time.

I like to use this time for the following:

• Singing in the car at the top of my lungs with my son doing it with me. He is six and I know that won’t last long.
• My son and I do maths and spelling in the car as we sit in traffic.
• I listen to business audio books.
• I listen to podcasts.

I love this time with my son but sometimes he doesn’t want to talk to me or he may have taken a book with him to read in the car so he isn’t interested in what I have to say (or sing for that matter). I take this chance to educate myself and listen to audios to help myself and my business. I figure it won’t hurt my son’s subconscious mind listening to these type of things as well.

By doing this I am constantly learning, and constantly filling my brain thinking of things to do.

Things like this blog, I can do. So this blog for example, I am going send off to my virtual assistant, she will type this up and then will be popping it on my website. I will put it up with the audio as well so you can listen to it in the car and also the written version for you to read.

Other things you can do is think of the goal that you want to set for your business and/or life, and voice record those as well. All the phones these days have voice recording on them. You can set it to record while you are in the car and when you stop, you can just email it home to yourself and then it’s there all done and dusted!

If you have an assistant, you can have her type that for you. So it only takes like 5 minutes or whatever to make those notes and then it’s done.

It’s very simple and very good use of your time.

Please feel free to share on Facebook on things you can or have done to save your time and to make good use of your time.

Until then, have a great week and see you soon.Tagged ADD, ADHD, Behaviour, BEYOND THE MAZE, Brisbane, Deception Bay, diagnosis, Judgement, medication, REdcliffe, support

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