What is ADHD Coaching?

Much like a sports team coach keeps the team focused and provided support to their team to achieve their goals and ADHD coach can do the same.

Here at Beyond the Maze, we work with parents, children and adults living with ADHD.

Having a coach can help to stop bad habits showing themselves, works on strategies to help with procrastination and disorganisation.

It can help with identifying negative thinking and putting in new pathways to turn those thoughts around.

An ADHD coach takes more of a holistic approach in its strategies where we look at what works for you individually based on your past experiences and what you are more willing to do.  We don’t just address the problem, we address how you are going to work with that problem individually.

So what do you expect from coaching?

  • Increased Self-understanding and awareness

  • Greater appreciation and application of personal strengths

  • Clarity around values and goals

  • Improved self-management and personal effectiveness

  • Focused, purpose driven actions

  • Well-developed and expanded support network

  • Better recognition of choices and opportunities

  • Solutions focused mindset

  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change

  • Improved communication skills

  • Clear understanding of how permanent change occurs

  • Greater Creativity

  • Increased confidence built upon accomplishments

  • More compassion and celebration

  • Overall improvement in well-being and happiness

This video may give you a brief understanding of how coaching works for our parents and children.

What to expect:

– You are in charge of the conversation, you choose what you would like to work on.
– Be Prepared. You will be asked questions that you may make you think
– You are bound to have a moment of absolute clarity at some point
– We are friendly and courteous at all times if you ever feel unsettled about anything you need to tell us immediately so we can work through it.

Do you have questions?

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